Welcome to hike off trail.com

Hi there. I’m Alex. I’m here to share my experiences and and love of hiking off trail.

I hope to set out what I know about off trail navigation in a series of guides, answer questions about hiking off trail, and offer challenges to help build your skills and confidence. You might see stories from and interviews with people who hike off trail, my thoughts on LNT and privilege in and around backcountry recreation.

My background

I’ve been hiking off trail since I was a kid - growing up in the Arizona desert, often there were no trails where my family camped, hiked and played in the outdoors. I’ve also spent time and effort perfecting the skill: hunting and foraging have taught me to move quietly, to sharpen my observation and tracking skills, and to navigate and course-correct on the fly.

I love getting off trail. I feel so alive while doing it, but also I get a powerful sense of connection and resonance with wild landscapes and a sense of solidarity with rocks, trees, and animals.

I’m in the Pacific Northwest, where we’re blessed with ample public lands and a variety of landscapes open for adventure.

Learn about hiking off trail

I’m learning as I go here. While I have some experience and expertise, I definitely don’t have all the answers! This site is a place for me to explore and connect, to dive deeper into the world of off trail hiking, and to share the things I learn along the way.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you

How do you feel about hiking off trail? I’d like to hear from you if you like to get into the backcountry, or want talk about public lands or anything at all.

Hit me up on twitter: @alexofftrail.

Drop me a line at alexofftrail@tutanota.com

Thanks for reading, I hope your travels take you off the beaten path!